SIL Contacts and Location

The facility is located in the Earth Sciences Building in two lab spaces (ER-4006 and ER-5042).

Dr. Geert Van Biesen manages the ER-4006 lab, which includes the GC-IRMS, the TC/EA, the Vario Isotope Cube EA, the GC-MSD, the GC-FID/TCD, the GC-FID/ECD, and the Preparative Fraction Collector.

Geert Van Biesen

Dr. Geert Van Biesen
Research Laboratory Associate
Phone: 709-864-4037
Office: ER5028
Labs: ER4006

Dr. Joanne Potter manages the ER-5042 lab, which includes the Carlo Erba EA, TIC/TOC analyzer and GasBench.

Joanne Potter

Dr. Joanne Potter
Research Laboratory Coordinator II
Phone: 709-864-3217
Office: ER5034
Labs: ER5042