Hibernia Electron Beam Facility Fees

MUN (unassisted)
MUN (service)
External Non-commercial
External Commercial

per hour

per day

Mapping rate
















  • Sample preparation including mounting and polishing to be provided by users
  • Minimum usage of microprobe is a 4 hour block of time
  • Daily rate applied to more than 8 hours continuous use, billed in 24 hour days
  • If an EPMA session needs to be cancelled at least 24 hours notification is required
  • Mapping rate applied to automated beam/stage mapping run on microprobe is done on evenings starting after 4 pm and over weekends
  • The policy for reserving EPMA time will be two days at a time may be requested, with a maximum of 8 days per month, with requests handled by the EPMA-SEM user group who will meet every two weeks to discuss scheduling requests
  • All users of SEM and EPMA will need to submit an on-line form indicating what kind of analyses are to be done (X-ray maps, quantitative WDS analyses, etc.),