U-Pb Geochronology

Geochronlogy sample

LA-ICPMS has become commonly used for U-(Th-)Pb dating of zircon and other accessory minerals (monazite, baddeleyite, …) for studies of sedimentary provenance using separated detrital grains and of magmatic and metamorphic crystallization using grain mounts or thin sections.

The good spatial resolution of LA-ICPMS is a particularly useful tool for resolving ages in grains with inherited cores and metamorphic overgrowths in complex populations.

Data evaluation is done with iolite which contains a down-hole fractionation correction function. Data quality is assured by analyzing several secondary zircon standards.

Characterization of grains prior to LA-ICPMS analyses by cathodoluminescence (CL) is strongly recommended to identify the presence of zoning, overgrowths and inclusions.

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