Fluid Inclusion Laboratory

Fluid inclusions are micron-scale fluid-filled cavities in or between rock crystals. They are samples of fluid trapped during geological processes. Analysis of these inclusions can provide fundamental physiochemical information on the fluids responsible for economic accumulations of oil and gas, as well as many mineral deposit types.

Fluid Inclusions in Petroleum Exploration

  • Used to trace aqueous and hydrocarbon fluid flow, and reconstruct pressure-temperature-density (PVT) conditions of fluid trapping
  • Can define petroleum migration pathways and paleoresevoirs in oil wells that have otherwise recorded no presence of oil.

Fluid Inclusions in Mineral Exploration

  • Provide information on ore transport and depositional processes
  • Facilitate estimates on the temperatures and pressures of mineralization
  • Suggest correlations with other mineral deposits, important for the development of exploration strategies .
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