Sample Submission

Sample Submission

If you wish to submit a sample to the facility, please fill out a Sample Submission Form and a DNA Sequencing Sample List and bring it into the facility with your sample(s). Please contact us if you need any assistance in completing these forms. The GaP facility is located in the Alexander Murray Building, room ER3002.

Sample Submission Guidelines

The quality of DNA sequence is directly related to template quality. With a good template, you can get up to 1000 bases of sequences from a single primer. As an educational facility, we will work with users to ensure that they have the correct amount of clean template and primers according to the following table.

Template Type and Quantity PER 10 uL REACTION

Template Type

Template Quantity*

Primer Quantity*

PCR product:

100-500 bp
500-1000 bp
1000-2000 bp
>2000 bp

3-10 ng
5-20 ng
10-40 ng
40-100 ng

1.6 pmol
Single-stranded DNA 50-100 ng 1.6 pmol
Double-stranded DNA 200-500 ng 1.6 pmol
Cosmid, BAC, etc. 0.5-1.0 µg 3.2 pmol


*Please note:

  • For Economy Sequencing Service, samples and primers must be combined in a 7 uL volume containing 1.6 pmol of primer and the appropriate amount of template (listed in the table above).
  • Templates must be in H2O (not TE).
  • Users must ensure that plasmids cleaned with mini- or midi-prep kits do not contain any ethanol (hinders the sequencing reaction) and have incubated long enough in water to allow for the homogeneous solution of DNA.

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Sample Submission