Genomics Services

DNA Sequencing Services

GaP uses Applied Biosystems Big Dye chemistry to prepare samples for the ABI 3730 DNA Analyzer (equipped with a 48-capillary array) and ABI 3130 Analyzer (equipped with a 4-capillary array).


  • Training, consumables and reagents provided by GaP.
  • User provides template and primer(s).
  • Sequencing reactions and instrument run performed by the user.
  • Call to schedule a training session.

Economy DNA Sequencing

  • User provides template and primer (pre-mixed) in a single well/tube at the appropriate concentration (refer to table below or call us for help).
  • Cycle sequencing reactions and instrument run performed by GaP Staff.

Full Service DNA Sequencing

  • Template and primer(s) supplied separately by the user.
  • Template quantified and primer diluted by GaP Staff.
  • Cycle sequencing reactions and instrument run performed by GaP Staff.

For large volume projects (>500 samples/project/year), or if your project does not lend itself to one of the above services, please contact us at the GaP lab to discuss your individual needs.


Turn-around time is approximately 48 hours depending on sample volume at the time. If you require your samples to be analyzed upon receipt, please let us know and we will accommodate your request to the best of our ability. Results can be accessed through the Sequence Data Self-Service Portal. For first time users, please talk to one of us at the facility about having your CREAIT cloud account set up.

Failed Sequences

GaP runs positive controls with every sequencing run. If we are unable to obtain quality sequence from our control, as well as from your samples, there will be no charge for that run. GaP offers assistance in troubleshooting sample preparation.

Fragment Analysis Services

GaP has considerable experience supporting undergraduate and graduate student projects that require fragment analysis, in addition to designing and executing fragment analysis projects for internal faculty and various government agencies. Due to their complex nature, please contact us to discuss your fragment analysis requirements. We will be happy to assist in project design and execution, and can provide a quote based on your specific needs.

Additional Services

GaP also provides services and training in procedures such as DNA extractions, PCR, PCR amplicon clean-up, running agarose gels, DNA quantification, species identification and sex determination.

Available Services
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