For travellers

Members of the Memorial community are expected to follow the travel guidance given by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the travel advisories from the Government of Canada.

All Travel Outside Canada remains suspended for the Memorial community through the fall 2021 semester.

The federal government’s suspension of all international travel remains in place. Indications are that the suspension of travel for Canadians may remain in place until early 2022. Memorial follows the federal government guidelines when determining our international travel policies and procedures.

Memorial recognizes that some travel is urgent and has developed a process to request a deviation for travel. The process for faculty, staff and students to request a deviation is:

1. Request a deviation to the current travel suspension by writing – with a strong justification for the urgent and essential nature of the travel. This request must be supported by the dean of the academic unit.
2. If the travel deviation is approved, the traveler may proceed to book fully refundable travel, since travel could be suspended again without warning.
3. Develop a risk mitigation plan as per the policy for TOC: and send to Greg McDougall and Sonja Knutson.
4. Schedule a time to review the pre-departure checklist and waiver with Dayna Vey, outbound mobility coordinator for the Internationalization Office.

Note that Memorial’s travel suspension does not apply to personal travel, however the Government of Canada continues to recommend  avoiding travel outside Canada until further notice.

All members of the Memorial community who plan to undertake university-related travel must complete a health and safety plan prior to seeking approval from the appropriate vice-president.

Important considerations:

  • There may be restrictions on incoming travel at your destination. It is the responsibility of the individual to be aware of and abide by any such restrictions. This may include a mandatory hotel stopover or quarantine.
  • SSQ Travel Health Insurance for employees has issued a number of updates related to COVID-19. It is your responsibility to review these updates and understand what is, and is not, covered. Visit this site for all updates related to group insurance.

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