Dates, Documents, and Forms

All engineering co-op documents and forms that need to be sent to the Engineering Co-op Office should be sent via email:

NOTE: Any forms submitted via email, Adobe Acrobat 7 or higher is required



Recruitment Dates For Employers

Recruitment dates for the 2020-21 academic year can be found here. If you have any questions about the hiring process, please contact our co-op office.

Dates for Spring 2022 Work Term:

Monday, 2 May 2022              Spring Work Term begins. Complete Work Term Confirmation online in MyMUNLife.
 Friday, 20 May 2022  Deadline for submission of Work Term Objectives. Use form below.
 Friday, 24 Jun 2022       Deadline for submission of Work Report Outline. Complete online in MyMUNLife.
 Friday, 26 Aug 2022 Work Term officially ends and deadline for the submission of feedback forms and communications component documents. Note: If mailing forms/reports, the postmark date will be recorded as the received date.
 Tuesday, 6 Sep 2022  Academic courses begin for Fall 2022
 Thursday, 8 Sep 2022  Oral presentations. Students should be prepared to present at this time.   Arrangements to be confirmed with your Academic Staff Member in Cooperative   Education.


Work Term Course Outlines - Spring 2022

Skills Self-Assessment Form for the Career Development Report

Standard Forms (applicable to all work terms)

  • Work Term Confirmation FormStudents must complete this form on-line in the Work Term Record section of MyMUNLife during the first week of work.
  • Work Term Objectives: Submit by the required date above.
  • Work Report/Presentation Outline: Students must complete this form on-line in the Work Term Record section of MyMUNLife. Submit by required date above.
  • End of Work Term Feedback Form: Only use this fillable .pdf if unable to complete the on-line End of Work Term Feedback Form that is sent to supervisors near the end of the work term.
    • If the .pdf is used please complete it electronically whenever possible by downloading the blank form to your computer to enable the digital signature feature at the end of  the form. Once completed, the student must email the saved PDF to Engineering Co-op at and copy (cc) their Supervisor.
  • Non-Disclosure Request Form: This form is used by any student submitting documents that contain "confidential" material.
  • Extended Work Term Opt-In Request Form – This form is to be used by students during the work term after Academic Term 6 who wish to opt into the Extended Work Term Program.

Additional Forms (for employers)

The following forms are available to employers wishing to nominate their work term student. Forms must be submitted to:

Please note for the spring 2022 work term, scholarship and award nominations are due by September 23, 2022.

The following document is available for employers/supervisors to use in conjunction with the End of Term Feedback Form:

Academic Forms

Course Change Form
This form is for the purpose of making changes to your registration (add/drop courses or work term) and should be used when such changes cannot be made through Student Web.

Course Load Waiver Form
For students who wish to register for academic courses during their work term.

Work Report/Presentation Deferral Request 
For students seeking to defer the due date of a WT report and/or date of their WT presentation due to illness or other acceptable cause.