Tentative Course Offerings 2021-2022

Below is the tentative list of Computer Science graduate courses to be offered in Fall 2021. If you need assistance with course registration, please contact cs-gradofficer@mun.ca

COMP-601W - Work Term (R. Newhook)
COMP-690A - Research Methods in Computer Science (L. Pena-Castillo)
COMP-6905 - Software Engineering (A. Fiech)
COMP-6906 - Numerical Methods (G. Miminis)
COMP-6908 - Database Technology and Applications (J. Tang)
COMP-6909 - Fundamentals Computer Graphics (O. Meruvia Pastor). Delivery: In-person & video-recorded lectures, but with in-person examinations.
COMP-6934 - Data Visualization (T. Tricco)
COMP-6980 -  Algorithmic Techniques in Artificial Intelligence (D. Churchill). Delivery: Online with in-person examinations.
COMP-6999 - Master’s Project (project supervisor)

Tentative course offerings for Winter 2022 include:

COMP-601W - Work Term (R. Newhook)
COMP-690B - Research Methods in Computer Science (L. Pena-Castillo)
COMP- 6901 - Applied Algorithms (A. Kolokolova)
COMP-6915 - Machine Learning (L. Pena-Castillo)
COMP-6931 - Matrix Computations and Applications (G. Miminis)
COMP 6981 - Data Preparation Techniques (A. Soares Jr.)
COMP 6982 - Special Topics in Computer Vision (M. Hamilton)
COMP-6999 - Master's Project (project supervisor)