Students are expected to complete 1-2 courses each term. Usually, students complete two courses each Fall and Winter terms, and one course in the Spring term. CS-Approved electives can always be replaced with COMP courses. A sample schedule is shown below.

It is expected that the Master's project (COMP 6999) be completed after the workterm and it is recommended that other required courses are completed before the workterm.

Fall (Year 1) COMP 6905, and COMP 6901, COMP 6902, or COMP 6980
Winter (Year 1) 2 COMP Courses
Spring (Year 1) 1 CS-approved elective or COMP 601W
Fall (Year 2) 2 COMP Courses
Winter (Year 2) COMP 6999 (Master's Project) or 1 CS-approved elective
Spring (Year 2) 1 CS-approved elective or COMP 6999 (Master's Project II) or COMP 7000 (Master's Project II)