Program of Study

The proposed graduate programme offers a mix of courses from Computer Science and related disciplines. The programme requires 24 credit-hours (or 8 courses of 3 credit-hours each). From those, 18 credit-hours (or six 3-credit-hour courses) are courses offered by the Computer Science department and 6 credit-hours (or two 3-credit-hour courses) are either courses offered by the Computer Science department, or courses selected from the list of CS-approved electives.

During their program students are required to complete the following courses:

  • One course in Software Engineering (COMP 6905)
  • One course in Algorithms (COMP 6901, COMP 6902, or COMP 6980)
  • COMP 601W (which is required, but has zero credits)
  • COMP 6999 (Master’s Project), with an option to follow it with Comp 7000 (Master’s Project II), for a deeper focus on applied research.