Classroom Studio

A classroom studio is available to provide instructors with self-directed, on-campus video production support.

How it works:

Recordings will take place in a multimedia classroom in the G.A. Hickman (Education) building where you can access readily available classroom technology including:

  • document camera
  • desktop computer (MUN login)
  • laptop connector cable
  • white board

Based on the concept of a 'self-service' production studio, instructors are responsible for preparing presentation material and operating the classroom technology.

CITL staff will take care of recording the video, editing (if needed) and delivering the finished product. Video recordings will be uploaded to our streaming server, and made available to you so you can embed it into your Brightspace course site.

Schedule a Session

Book a session by contacting our Support Centre. Indicate you would like a video recording request. You will then be contacted by our Media Services team to discuss your request, answer any questions and schedule a time for your recording.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • You will be responsible for the setup and operation of all classroom technology equipment. The production technologist on-site may provide support as needed while maintaining a safe distance and avoiding contact with any classroom equipment.
  • Instructors are asked to bring their own white board markers if needed.
  • Health and Safety processes will be communicated to all instructors at time of scheduling, and reminders sent when confirming the booking the Monday before your scheduled session.
  • Recordings will be limited to a single camera plus an input. This input can be a document camera, a desktop computer, and/or your own laptop. During your recording time, you can switch between the various technology sources as needed and use different classroom tools throughout your session.
  • Minimal editing will be offered. The on-site technologist will be able to start and stop the recording during the session to allow you to record multiple learning objects (if required). For example, one recording may use the white board; another maybe be a short lecture with PowerPoint slides.