Strategic Priorities 2016-18 outlines many of the priorities and activities the Office of the CIO will pursue over the next 3 years. It was developed as a result of discussions during a series of planning sessions held in the latter half of 2016 with staff from IT Services, Information Access and Privacy, and Information Management and Protection.

The document is not inclusive of all the activities and projects that will be undertaken during this time, but provides a framework to focus on priorities in key areas.

Highlighted below are four of the priorities outlined in Strategic Priorities 2016-18.

IT Governance and Collaboration

  • An effective governance framework ensures the right people are talking to each other with the right information to make the best decisions possible.
  • An enterprise IT Governance and Collaboration Framework is being designed by a working group of VPC. Consultation on a proposed framework is currently being sought. 

Identity and Access Management Program

  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) ensures that people get access to information and systems they need when they need it, and that unauthorized access is prevented.
  • Memorial's IAM Program is a strategic priority of the CIO as a foundational IT building block to enable seamless access for users and upon which new services can be built. 
  • For more information, visit the IAM website.

Student Lifecycle Model

  • Implement a structure for the Student Lifecycle Model to continue to grow and develop, and operationalize the model in work involving students within the Office of the CIO portfolio.
  • Establish a committee to “own” and grow the model.

Wireless Everywhere – St. John’s Campus

  • Over 20,000 unique devices per month connect to Memorial's Wi-Fi network on the St. John’s Campus alone. Wi-Fi access is a critical service connecting students, faculty and staff to both internal resources and the world.
  • The CIO’s commitment to wireless everywhere will deliver complete coverage on the St. John’s Campus, augmented coverage in lecture theatres, and for the first time, wireless to strategic outdoor locations.


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