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* Registration is required for all workshops.

9:00am-5:00pm Cybersecurity
Eric Rae, Senior Manager, Technology Risk Consulting at KPMG Canada
This full day technical workshop will provide an overview of key cybersecurity concepts that IT professionals should understand so that Memorial's information and computing assets are properly protected. 
9:00am-12:00pm Unity Game Development
Tim Griffin, The Commons
Workshop session aimed at those wanting an introduction to using Unity to create a game in approximately 2-3 hours. Will go over the basics of Unity workflow, creating game objects, and scripting.
QEII Library, L2028
CAD Curious? 
Caroline Koenig, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Computer Aided Designing is a skill many seek to master. This session will introduce the basic concepts of 3D modelling using SolidWorks, a parametric software tool. Join us to learn how to draw a simple 3D model, assembly and drawing.
Deploying Windows 10 using Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
Tony Peckham, Steve Newhook, Murray Brooker, Brent Payne, IT Services
In this workshop participants will be taken through the process of installing Windows 10 on a new system or upgrading an existing Windows 7 system using SCCM. This will be a hands-on workshop and each participant will get their own system to image or re-image. The SCCM Windows 10 imaging process is a huge timesaver - a few simple steps and you can walk away from the system while the process completes. Once completed, users can immediately start using the new system. You will also be shown how to re-image the system which is so easy that users can complete it themselves.
1:00-4:00pm Intro to CAD for 3d Printing
Aaron Goulding, The Commons
A workshop using a CAD program called Fusion 360 (free educational license) to design a smartphone stand. Each participant would get their own personalized 3d printed stand to hold their smartphone upright.
The Commons Makerspace, QEII Library
Greg O'Leary, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
How would you like to learn how to solder? Drop by our workshop and you will learn how to solder through-hole components to a circuit board. If you are lucky and do it wrong, you will also learn how to remove the component :) You will get to build an electronic assembly consisting of flashing lights and take it home...batteries not included :( Come for an electrifying time and see where and what your programming code may control!
Controlling the World with Python
Lori Hogan, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
In this half-day workshop, learn basic computer programming concepts such as variables, expressions, flow control, and functions using the Python programming language. These concepts will be applied when creating programs for the Arduino Uno (a cheap and powerful microcomputer) with various Grove sensors and actuators attached. Want to manipulate screen brightness based on time and light level? Want to control a fan based on temperature? Want to turn sound into colour? We can do all this and more, with Python and Arduino. Minimal programming experience required; participants will work in pairs.
Shell Programming - Discover the Power of Software Tools Programming
Mike Rayment, Andrew Draskoy, Department of Computer Science
This tutorial will explore the simple but powerful capabilities of shell programming starting from basic interactive one liners to multi-line scripts. Topics that will be discussed include: basic syntax, program arguments, shell interactive/file mode, file redirection, filters, job control, wildcards (globbing), shell variables, conditional constructs, looping constructs, environment variables, function definitions, built in functions and remote shell programming . Course participants will be able to work through some basic exercises to hone their skills as more course material is revealed.
Improve Communication: Understanding Yourself to Work Better With Others
Heather Stamp-Nunes, Department of Human Resources
[* This session is invite only.] Understanding yourself to work better with others is a great introduction for anyone who is new to the Everything DiSC® profile series. It is a fast-paced, interactive session that provides participants with insights about their strengths and identifies how an individual could be more effective in developing relationships, all factors which are key to supporting teams through times of change. This seminar includes a personalized Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile for each participant.
Junior Commons Room


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