IT Governance and Collaboration Council


  • Janet Bangma, Associate Dean, Memorial Libraries
  • Jennifer Browne, Associate Director, Student Life
  • Sean Cadigan, Associate Vice-President (Academic), Programs, Complement Planning and Development
  • Susan Cleyle, Dean, Memorial Libraries 
  • Fred Christian-Quinton, Interim Associate Vice President (Marine Institute), Administration and Finance
  • Steve Greene, CIO and Director of IT Services, St. John’s Campus (Chair)
  • Dr. Ray Gosine, Associate Vice-President (Research)
  • Jeff Keshen, Vice-President (Grenfell Campus)
  • David Miller, Director of Research Grant and Contract Services
  • Thomas Nault, University Registrar
  • Alison Randell, Director, Information Management and Protection
  • Rosemary Thorne, University Access and Privacy Advisor, Office of the CIO
  • Carol Tibbo, Director of Operations, Office of the Vice-President Finance and Administration
  • Paul Tucker, Chief Operating Officer, Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Gavan Watson, Associate Vice-President, Teaching and Learning and Director, CITL
  • Sarah Arnott, Manager Strategy, Liaison and Planning, Office of the CIO (Coordinator)