Academic and Student Life IT Committee


  • Thomas Hawkins, Associate Registrar (Systems), Office of the Registrar (Chair)
  • Bruce Belbin, Director, Student Residences
  • Angie Clarke, Director, Student Affairs, Academic and Student Affairs, Marine Institute
  • Barbara Dawson, Associate Director Client Relationships, Information Technology Services
  • Lakshman Galagedara, Associate Professor, Environmental Science, Grenfell Campus
  • Jason Geary, Manager, Blundon Centre, Student Life
  • Janet Goosney, Chair in Teaching & Learning (Library), Memorial Libraries
  • Paul Sherren, Educational Technologies and Systems, Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
  • Andrew Kim, Director, Graduate Enrolment Services, Graduate Studies
  • Derek Semerad, MUNSU
  • Steve Pennell, Manager: Health Education Technology & Learning Faculty of Medicine
  • Dennis Peters, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Engineering & Applied Science
  • Wayne Rose, Director Ancillary Operations, Ancillary Operations
  • Min Yang, Executive Director Academic, Graduate Students Union
  • Laura Pike, Team Lead, Collaboration and Web Services, ITS (Coordinator)