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September 22, 1996

Kansas City
(France, USA 1996) 116 min
Directed by Robert Altman
With Jennifer Jason Leigh, Miranda Richardson, Harry Belafonte, Michael Murphy et al.

Desperate to save her man from a violent situation, Jason Leigh holds Richardson, playing a drug-addicted upper cmst wife, for ransom. Belafonte is superb as a raspy bad guy.

September 29, 1996

Angels and Insects
(UK, USA 1995) 116 min
Directed by Philip Haas
With Mark Rylance, Kristin Scott Thomas, Patsy Kensit, Jeremy Kemp et al.

Directed by Philip Haas, this is a wonderfully cinematic tableau of Victorian desire and perverted passions.

October 06, 1996

(USA, UK 1996) 98 min
Directed by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
With William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi, Peter Stormare, Kristin Rudrüd et al.

Fargo concentrates on the ill-conceived scheme of car salesman Jerry Lundegaard, an extraordinarily ordinary guy with too many debts and an ungenerously wealthy father-in-law. Lundegaard hires two shady guys to kidnap his wife so that he can extort ransom from her father, but things go horribly wrong

October 13, 1996

Cold Comfort Farm
(UK 1995) 105 min
Directed by John Schlesinger
With Eileen Atkins, Kate Beckinsale, Sheila Burrell, Stephen Fry et al.

This film is a hilariously witty send-up of all the ill-informed literary tributes to the noble earthy virtues of pastoral life; adapted from the Stella Gibbons novel of 1932.

October 20, 1996

I Shot Andy Warhol
(UK, USA 1996) 103 min
Directed by Mary Harron
With Lili Taylor, Jared Harris, Martha Plimpton, Lothaire Bluteau et al.

This film, directed by Mary Harron, dramatically conveys the historical confluence of art, capital, and feminism through one woman's sad, energetic plight.

October 27, 1996

Long Day's Journey Into Night
(Canada 1995) 173 min
Directed by David Wellington
With Martha Burns, Peter Donaldson, Martha Henry, William Hutt et al.

This film was directed by David Wellington, and stars William Hutt, Martha Henry, Peter Donaldson and Tom McCamus. It offers a rare opportunity to see some of the most moving performances ever, all in the service of Eugene O'Neill's profound literary statement about the need to live the human condition.

November 03, 1996

Anne Frank Remembered
(UK, USA, Netherlands 1995) 117 min
Directed by Jon Blair
With Kenneth Branagh, Janny Brandes-Brilslijper, Glenn Close, Rose De Liema et al.

Directed by Jon Blair, this is an Oscar-winning documentary about a subject that continues to haunt every corner of the enlightened world. Narration by Kenneth Branagh and Glenn Close.

November 10, 1996

Lone Star
(USA 1996) 135 min
Directed by John Sayles
With Stephen Mendillo, Stephen J. Lang, Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Peña et al.

Dubbed his most 'accessible' film to date, John Sayles' Lone Star is a narrative realization of the complexities of modern day race relations.

November 17, 1996

Welcome to the Dollhouse
(USA 1995) 88 min
Directed by Todd Solondz
With Heather Matarazzo, Victoria Davis, Christina Brucato, Christina Vidal et al.

This wonderful little film, directed by Todd Solondz, is a story about the victimized class nerd in all of us

November 24, 1996

The Celluloid Closet
(France, UK, Germany, USA 1995) 102 min
Directed by Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman
With Lily Tomlin, Tony Curtis, Susie Bright, Arthur Laurents et al.

This film, directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, is a remarkable tour deforce. Part celebration and part social comment, it paints an essay about how Hollywood has always shaped and gendered sexual identity.

December 01, 1996

Shanghai Triad
(France, China 1995) 108 min
Directed by Yimou Zhang
With Li Gong, Baotian Li, Xiaoxiao Wang, Xuejian Li et al.

Masterfully directed by Zhang Yimou, this film is set in '30s Shanghai, in a time and place of corruption, violence and sordid sex, covering eight days in the lives of the city's powerful triad.

December 08, 1996

The Flower of My Secret
(Spain, France 1995) 103 min
Directed by Pedro Almodóvar
With Marisa Paredes, Juan Echanove, Carme Elias, Rossy de Palma et al.

Described by critics as nothing less than a great film, The Flower of My Secret turns sentimental melodrama into cinematic triumph. What a way to end the cinema series for this semester!

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