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Scent Free Environment

Campus Childcare Inc. is a SCENT FREE environment. We have a number of children and employees who are highly scent sensitive.  Chemicals used to add scents to products can cause serious health problems for some people, especially those with respiratory conditions such as asthma.  Being near scented products can make people ill and young children are especially vulnerable.  Please refrain from wearing scented products and sending clothing and other items such as bedding to the centre that have been laundered with strong smelling detergents.

Parking at the Childcare Centre


  • The right side of the circular driveway closest to the building
  • Spaces at the entrance of the circular driveway.
  • Area at the top of the ciruclar driveway.
  • Parking Lot 8 can also be used at drop-off and pick-up times when there is no space available in the designated parking areas.
  • When an adult is waiting in their vehicle during pick-up time, we ask that they park and wait in Lot 8 (across the street) to lessen congestions in front of the building.



  •  The left side of the circular drive, closest to the island, is designated "NO PARKING OR STOPPING" as indicated by posted signage.  this lane is to remain clear at all times as not to impede access of vehicles, especially emergency vehicles should the need arise.

Where parking spaces allow, please back into the space.  This is safer as it allows you to see children and parents as they are walking to and from the centre.

For the safety of everyone, we are asking for everyone's cooperation in this matter.  Campus Enforcement and Patrol monitors parking and officers regularly patrol the area to ensure vehicles are parked appropriately.  Vehicles parked inappropriately will be ticketed.  Any questions or concerns should be discussed with Centre staff.

















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