Supplementary Evaluation Measures

The CEQ is the universal tool for evaluating courses and instruction at Memorial. It provides a standardized measure of key questions for which students can provide an assessment, and can also provide comparative data within the Memorial setting.

Multiple sources of information and the use of supplemental methods of course evaluation can help an instructor obtain a more complete picture of teaching effectiveness. In addition to the CEQ, instructors may wish to consider the following:

  • Other forms of student feedback (e.g., mid-semester assessment form, anonymous online discussion forum or surveys in Desire2Learn, etc.)
  • Peer review of teaching
  • Classroom assessment techniques
  • Course review by teaching consultants
  • Personal reflection on teaching documented in a teaching dossier
  • Review of course syllabi

The Instructional Development team at CITL (The Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning) can assist instructors who wish to incorporate supplementary forms of evaluation into their course. They can also provide assistance in the areas of professional development, dossier preparation and other teaching resources. For more information please contact or 709-864-3028.