Alternative Methods to the CEQ

Current Senate policies state that the following types of courses may be evaluated by a method other than the CEQ:

  • Courses with enrolment less than 5.
  • Team-taught courses.
  • Non-degree-credit courses.
  • Modularized courses or courses offered outside of the normal time frame for a semester or session, as defined by the University Calendar.

If the CEQ is not administered, an alternative method of evaluation is to be established that includes a form of written student ratings and reporting of such ratings, with due regard for student anonymity. Specifications for the alternative method should be documented by the Administrative Head of the academic unit.

While the CEQ can be used for these non-mandated courses, an alternative method may be more suitable. In the case of small-enrolment classes in particular, the SCCE encourages academic units not to use the CEQ in these cases. It is difficult to establish a form of ratings for extremely small classes, and units may wish to consider a simple feedback form instead. An example of a qualitative feedback form can be found here.

Instructors and/or Unit Heads can also refer to the section 'Supplementary Evaluation Measures' for additional ideas.