Frequently Asked Questions for Students


Q: Can I evaluate my courses online?

A: As of the Winter 2013 semester, CEQs are available to students online through Student-Self-Service.  The CEQ may not be available for courses that are not mandated to use the CEQ, including courses with enrolments less than 5 students, team taught courses, and courses offered outside a regular semester/session.

Q: Can I complete the CEQ using a mobile device?

A: As of Winter 2015 semester, the MUNmobile App now supports the CEQ.  The CEQ can be found during the last two weeks of classes under 'Student Resources'.  A quick guide can be found by clicking here.  For a more detailed guide on using the MUNmobile App, please click here.

Q: What are the advantages of completing my CEQs online?

A: There are a number of advantages for students when courses are evaluated online. You can complete the CEQ when it is convenient for you; you will have more time to reflect on the course and provide thoughtful ratings and comments; and the process allows for greater confidentiality in responses to the comment questions (i.e., no handwritten comments).

Q: Where and when will the online CEQ be available to students?

A: The online CEQ form is located in Student Self-Service within the Banner system, the same place where you register for courses and check your grades.  The CEQ administration period for the Winter, Fall and Spring, begins two weeks before the end of classes and ends the day before the start of the examination period. The CEQ administration period for Intersession and Summer Session begins one week before the end of classes and ends the day before the start of the examination period. For specific dates, please check this site's calendar.

Q: How do I complete the online CEQ?

A: Prior to the start of the administration period, an email message will be sent to your Memorial email account ( if you are registered for at least one course that is eligible to be evaluated with the CEQ form.  Additional messaging by way of D2L, Facebook and Twitter will also be used to reach students.  The following instructions will be provided to let you know how to complete the CEQ online:

1. Log in to Memorial student self-service


2. Select “Course Evaluation Questionnaire” from the main menu.


3. Select the course you wish to evaluate and complete the questionnaire.  Once completed, the course will be crossed out and the link deactivated.


Information for Students

Q: What does the CEQ form look like?

A: A sample of the CEQ form can be found here.

Information for Students

Q: Are my responses to the online CEQ confidential?

A: The online CEQ process is confidential. The system is set up to verify that only students registered in a given course can complete a CEQ form for that course, and also to evaluate whether or not a student has completed the CEQ for that particular course so that the form can only be filled out once for that course. All personal identifiers (i.e. login name, student number, etc.) are disassociated from the responses when they are uploaded to the reporting tables.

Q: Who will see the results of the online course evaluations? 

A: The results from the online CEQ form are processed by CIAP. A summary report of the ratings made to the scale items will be returned to the instructor, and a copy of this report will also be sent to the Academic Department Head and/or Dean. The instructor will also receive a report of the written responses made to the comments questions; only the instructor receives the written comments. The summary report of the ratings may also be available on Student Self-Service if the instructor agrees to publication and the course is mandated to do the CEQ. Students who are actively enrolled will be able to access these reports for personal reference only. Reports will be available for a five year period.