Publication Opt-Out Procedure

In Fall 2008, a process was implemented to allow instructors to opt-out of having their CEQ results published to the Memorial Self-Service system. Please refer to the following points to understand how this process works:

  • The student self-service site maintains published CEQ reports for the past 5 years. 
  • An instructor must actively opt out of publication each and every semester. Submission of an opt-out form is only for the specific semester that it represents.
  • If you are teaching at least one course that is mandated to use the CEQ (according to current Senate policy) you will be provided with an opt-out form for that semester.

For Online Opt-Out Form

The opt-out process is transitioning to an online functionality through Self-Service. A staged roll-out is required to allow for Banner data updates. Currently, instructors teaching courses in Engineering & Applied Science, Education, and Business Administration have this capability. Instructors will be notified as their Faculties and Schools are brought into the online process.  For instructions on how to complete the opt-out form in self-service, click here.

For Paper Opt-Out Form

  • Opt-out forms will be sent to your academic department the week prior to the start of the CEQ administration period, for distribution to individual instructors.
  • If you wish to opt-out of having your results published to student self-service, then please sign and date the form and check the boxes next to the respective course(s) for which you do not wish to have the results published.


Opt Out Example

  • Please complete and submit the form before the due date noted in the form in order to ensure your results are not published.