Frequently Asked Questions for Instructors



Q: When are reports distributed for each semester?

A: The earliest that reports are distributed to departments is dictated by the University Calendar's, "Final date for receipt, by the Registrar, of replacement grades for "INCOMPLETE" grades inundergraduate and graduate courses" for the respective semester.

Q: What are the advantages of an online course evaluation system?

A: Online administration of course evaluation forms has a number of advantages, including standardization of process, completion of the forms outside of class time, and timelier return of reports to instructors.  Students will have more time to reflect on the course and this may lead to more thoughtful ratings and comments. The online CEQ also ensures that all students have an opportunity to complete the CEQ, unlike the paper based CEQ where only the students who are in class on the day of administration can complete the form.

Q: Where and when is the CEQ available to students?

A: The online CEQ form is located in Student Self Service within the Banner system, the same place where students register for courses and check their grades. The CEQ administration period for the Winter, Fall and Spring, begins two weeks before the end of classes and ends the day before the start of the examination period. The CEQ administration period for Intersession and Summer Session begins one week before the end of classes and ends the day before the start of the examination period. 

Q: How do students complete the CEQ?

A: Prior to the start of the administration period, an email message will be sent to the Memorial email account ( of every student who is registered for at least one CEQ-mandated course.  Additional messaging by way of D2L, Facebook and Twitter will also be used to reach students.  The following instructions will be provided to let students know how to complete the CEQ online:

  1. Log into Memorial student self-service
  2. Select “Course Evaluation Questionnaire” from the main menu
  3. Select the course they wish to evaluate and complete the questionnaire

Q: Can students complete the CEQ during class time?

A: As of the Winter 2015 semester, the MUNmobile App now supports the CEQ.  If you are teaching in a classroom with a strong WiFi signal, then any student with the MUNmobile App on a mobile device can access and complete the CEQ.  Also, any student with a regular laptop can simply access Self-Service and complete the CEQ that way.  In this way, if you wish to dedicate class time to the CEQ, students now have multiple means by which to complete it.   A more detailed guide for the MUNmobile App can be found here.

Q: What does the CEQ form look like?

A: A sample of the CEQ form in Self-Service can be found here.

Q: How do response rates for the online CEQ compare to those for in-class administration?

A: The response rate to the online CEQ is generally lower than what has been seen in the past with the in-class (paper) form. However, average ratings to items and the distribution of scores do not change significantly with an online mode of administration. A lower response rate does not necessarily mean that the results are less valid, or are less representative, than results traditionally obtained through paper forms. Information to date suggests that the online mode of administration may increase the quality of information obtained, as students have more time and opportunity to complete the form and provide thoughtful and reflective responses. Determining what is an acceptable response rate for a course evaluation depends on several things, including class size and the intended use of the results.

Q: What can be done to ensure an adequate response rate to the online CEQ?

A: Course evaluation literature suggests a number of things may help improve response rates to online evaluation forms. How to Improve Response Rates has been developed to provide suggestions on ways to improve student participation in the CEQ process.

Q: Who will see the results of my course evaluations?

A: The results from the online CEQ form are processed by CIAP. Results of the CEQ will be reported and returned according to Senate policies and procedures for the course evaluation process. A summary report of the ratings made to the scale items will be returned to the instructor, and a copy of this report will also be sent to the Academic Department Head and/or Dean. Instructors may choose to withhold their CEQ summary results from publication on the student self-service site, and an opt-out form will be distributed to instructors to facilitate this process. The instructor will also receive a report of the written responses made to the comments questions; only the instructor receives the written comments.

Q: Can I add my own questions to the online form?

A: The online CEQ form has an Instructor Provided Questions (IPQ) section which instructors may utilize if they wish to ask up to ten additional questions and have students answer these on the CEQ form. At the present time, any additional questions must be provided to the students by the instructor in advance of the administration period (e.g., through email, an in-class handout, etc.). Future plans for the development of the online CEQ include functionality to allow an instructor to add questions to their CEQ form electronically through an online question bank for IPQs. Currently the items in this question bank can be can be viewed here

Q: How does the publication opt-out process work?

A: Instructors are able to opt-out of having the current semester's CEQ results published to Student Self-Service.  Details can be found here.