Information for Instructors

Frequently Asked Questions For Instructors 

A list of frequently asked questions covering a number of topics speific to instructors. 

Instructor Provided Questions

The online CEQ form has an Instructor Provided Questions (IPQ) section which instructors may utilize if they wish to ask up to ten additional questions and have students answer these on the CEQ form. At the present time, any additional questions must be provided to the students by the instructor in advance of the administration period (e.g., through email, an in-class handout, etc.). Future plans for the development of the online CEQ include functionality to allow instructors to add questions to their CEQ electronically through an online question bank.  Currently, the items in this question bank  can be viewed here.

Check out the online CEQ form to see how many questions can be asked.  

Suggested Syllabus Insert

A link to suggested wording if an instructor wishes to mention the CEQ in the course syllabus.

Publication Opt-out Process

Information about the publication opt-out process that takes place at the end of each semester if an instructor does not want their report published to Student Self-Service

Guildelines for Response Rates

A guide for recommended response rates based on class size.

How to Improve Response Rates

Ideas for instructors for improving student participation in the CEQ.

Guidelines for In-class Administration

Instructors interested in providing time in class for the CEQ can click here for guidelines to using this approach.

Interpreting the Results

A guide to assist instructors in interpreting and understanding the results presented in the CEQ reports.

CEQ in MUNmobile

The CEQ can be completed using the MUNmobile App on Apple or Android mobile devices. Click here for more information. Additionally, a quick "cheat sheet" can be downloaded here.

In-class Presentation

Instructors wishing to discuss the CEQ in the classroom can use the following short presentation (viewed in full screen) as an aid.

Instructor Testimonial Video

This video was developed by CITL to show how instructors and students benefit from the CEQ.