MER Program Structure

Memorial’s MER program is offered by full-time or part-time study and involves 36 credit hours of coursework. While most courses are not offered online, most course time-slots accommodate part-time student schedules, with many in-class courses starting after 4:00 pm. Full-time students can complete the program in one academic year if they choose to complete the maximum course load. Please note that full time students can also choose to complete fewer than the maximum available courses in any given semester and complete the program over two years.

If a student has completed a required course from the list below prior to entering the MER program, they may be approved to get an exemption for that course, up to a maximum of 2 course exemptions. Exemptions are approved case-by-case based on the course content of the previously completed course and academic performance in the course.

Full-time students wishing to finish the program in one year would normally complete 5 courses in each of the fall and winter semesters, and two courses in either/or the intersession and spring semesters, for a total of 12 courses. Ten of the 12 courses are considered core to the program, for the remaining two courses, students choose two electives from approved list electives in the Memorial University calendar.

The ten required courses are as follows:

  • Business 8204
  • Business 8210
  • Business 9329
  • EMRE 6010
  • EMRE 6020
  • EMRE 6040
  • EMRE 6050
  • Economics 6030
  • History 6075
  • Sociology 6360