Graduate Dean's List 2020-2021

The current Dean's List criteria were proposed by the FBA committee on course-based masters degrees and adopted by the FBA faculty council in 2013. The terms adopted were the following: Students will be considered for the MBA Dean’s List when they have completed their MBA program, and achieved an overall average of 80% or higher, with no grade below 75%.

Master of Business Administration

Spring 2021 Graduates

  • Adele Jackson
  • Heather Noseworthy
  • Vaughn Strickland
Master of Business Administration

Fall 2021 Graduates

  • Christina Fong
  • David Oake
  • Rocky Taylor
Master of Business Administration in
Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • Laurie Chase
  • Caroline MacDonald
  • Christina Murphy
Graduate Dean's List 2019-2020