Software development and coding


What is software development and coding?

Software developers, coders and engineers design, build and test computer software and applications. They direct and participate in programming activities, track and evaluate system performance, and develop and implement new programs and features.

What skills do software developers and coders need?

The right candidate has good mathematical aptitude. They are problem solvers who pay attention to detail. They can learn new programming languages and have creativity, self-development and teamwork skills.

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Gillian Ogyiri
Software development team lead

Gillian is a software development team lead at Verafin, a Nasdaq anti-financial crime management company.

She started her journey at Memorial University in 2012 when she moved from Ghana to Canada. In her time in university, she contributed significantly as a student ambassador with both the International Student Advising Office and the Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship. Her enthusiasm and passion for her craft of coding landed her a student internship at Verafin, which bloomed into a full-time position after graduation.

Since then, she has used the gifts and talents developed through her time at Memorial to open her own business, YouCode (kids learning code). She’s also a coach with GetCoding N.L., building coding curriculum for kids, and serves on her church’s media team. Through these endeavors, she has helped many children learn how to code and engage their minds in critical thinking, preparing them for an increasingly tech-driven world, and helped the church navigate through the technical perils that came with the Covid-19 pandemic.

When she’s not busy with her coding superpowers, you'll likely find her reading, golfing or cooking.

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