Product management


What is product management?

Product managers direct a product’s development and lead the cross-functional team that’s responsible for its progress. They set the strategy, roadmap and feature description for a product or product line, fulfilling a pivotal role within technology companies.

What skills do product managers need?

The right candidate has top-notch communication skills. They are empathetic, are strategic problem solvers, have delegation skills and are dynamic and capable leaders.

Workshop facilitator:


Angela Gill
Product manager, shipbuilding digital products and service
Genoa Design

Angela Gill has a long career in the product space including local and international experience in medical devices, high-tech manufacturing, information technology and primary industries. 

As a product manager at a leading 3D modelling company, Ms. Gill is known for her expertise in technology development, translating customer requirements, process improvement and scaling operations. 

With an engineering degree from Memorial University, she’s passionate about leading and driving solutions within the tech sector.

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