Marketing and technical sales


What is marketing and technical sales?

Marketers promote a company and the product or services it sells. They play and execute advertising strategies that increase brand awareness and use marketing techniques to persuade customers to make a purchase.

Technology has impacted the marketing field by creating new channels and applications, leading to new marketing career paths such as digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, growth marketing, content marketing, graphic design, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, product marketing and marketing analysis.

What skills do customer success specialists need?

The right candidate is creative with excellent skills in problem solving, critical thinking, self-development and teamwork.

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Carol Bartlett
Chief executive officer
The Leap Method

Meet Carol Bartlett, a dynamic sales expert and visionary entrepreneur who has redefined the path to success in revenue growth. With an impressive 20-plus years that includes acting as vice-president of sales and marketing for one of the largest privately-held companies in Eastern Canada and managing annual revenue over $200 million, Ms. Bartlett’s expertise in sales strategy, process and training is unparalleled.

Fuelled by her passion for transformative sales methodologies, Ms. Bartlett embarked on an inspiring journey to found The Leap Method—a game-changing sales training company empowering entrepreneurs and businesses with a repeatable sales process that unleashes a continuous stream of revenue.

Her approach is immersive, emphasizing practical application and entrepreneurial fundamentals like customer discovery, lean startup, and design thinking. Breaking down growth barriers, she instills a sales-positive mindset, propelling individuals and businesses to astonishing heights of achievement.

As a revered leader in her field, Ms. Bartlett is a sought-after mentor and advisor, igniting careers with elite programs such as the 150 Years Mentorship for engineering students, elevating them to unforeseen levels of excellence.

With unwavering dedication to sales excellence and a steadfast commitment to guiding businesses toward triumph, Ms. Bartlett is the driving force behind countless success stories. Collaborate with her, and watch your sales potential skyrocket, stepping into extraordinary roles you never dreamed possible. Get ready for a career transformation like never before.

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