Customer success


What is customer success?

Customer success is a new and evolving field. Its main goal is to reduce turnover by engaging and empowering customers with an organization or its products or services.

Customer service specialists help customers navigate a software product, monitor customer satisfaction and identify potential problems. They may also upsell or cross-sell products to interested customers.

What skills do customer success specialists need?

The right candidate has excellent communication skills, is empathetic, has a strategic mind, can analyze data and is a team player.

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Elyse Summers
Customer success and operations manager

Elyse Summers is a customer success manager and operations manager at ClearRisk, a leading cloud-based risk management SaaS company headquartered in St. John's. With a background in production (theatre, film and marketing), she brings a unique blend of creative problem-solving and operational expertise to her role.

Before joining ClearRisk, Ms. Summers served as the community and marketing co-ordinator and founding member of the Memorial Centre for Entrepreneurship, where she supported students in launching their high-growth startups. Additionally, she currently serves as an advisory board member for TechPrep through the Murphy Centre.

Ms. Summers is passionate about working in the Newfoundland and Labrador tech sector and advocates for its positive and hopeful outlook for the province, as well as the abundance of opportunities for growth. She finds joy in helping individuals discover and transition into new career opportunities by leveraging their transferable skills.

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