Phylogeny of Primata

    Primates include Prosimian ("first apes") and Anthropoid ("man-like") primates, which are further distinguished as "monkeys" (with tails) and "apes" (without tails) [note that prosimians also have tails]. The former includes New World (Cebidae) and Old World types (Cercopithecidae). Apes include gibbons (Hylobatidae) and Great Apes (Pongidae and Hominidae, though the latter are now often included in the former family). Molecular and fossil evidence favours separation of the human lineage ca. 4 ~ 5 MYBP, with a chimps rather than gorillas as the closest sister species to humans.

Figure ©1999 Campbell et al.; Text material © 2005 by Steven M. Carr