Mendel's garden
(Augustinian Monastery of St. Thomas, Brno, Czech Republic)

    Mendel conducted his experiments both in a greenhouse and in outdoor garden plots. A statue of Mendel appears in the background. The garden plot shown here is laid out as a series of crosses between flowers, starting from the upper right. The parental plants (P) have red and white flowers (top row). From these pure-breeding red- and white-flowered plants, the F1 is uniformly red (single patch, second row). The third row shows the result of an F2 cross of the F1 back to the white P plants: note the 3:1 ratio of red to white flowers. The remaining four rows show the result of a dihybrid cross: it is possible to discern Tall and Short phenotypes.

Homework: Evaluate the results of the dihybrid cross. Is there anything unusual about the results?

Figure ©2002 by Griffiths et al.; all text material ©2021 by Steven M. Carr