Classification in the Linnean hierarchy

    Linneaus recognized only five hierarchal categories: Kingdom, Class, Order, Genus & Species. The modern system uses the seven categories shown here (adding Phylum and Family), as well as super- and sub- category prefixes for most of these. Other categories sometimes used include Legion (between Class & Order), Cohort (between Order & Family), and Tribe (between Family & Genus). Additional prefixees can include Magn-, Grand- and Infra- . The categorical level of many names is indicated by certain suffixes, listed below.

    To remember the sequence of categories, recall that "King Philip Came Over For Good Sex."

Category Suffix
Order    -a [mammals]
   -iformes [birds & fish only]
Superfamily    -oidea
Family    -idae
Subfamily    -inae
Tribe    -ini

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