Chap 5 - Population History & Demography

Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) [NS 05-01]

oalescence tree with six leaf nodes [NS 05-02smc]

Distribution of 100,000 simulations of Tajima's
π   [NS 05-03]

Tree and set of binary sequences [NS 05-04smc]

(A) Reciprocal monophyly & (B) Incomplete lineage sorting
[NS 05-05]

Match & Mis-Match of a coalescence trees with a species tree
[NS 05-06]

Human mtDNA tree
[NS 05-07]

Coalescence trees with different demographic & historical processes
[NS 05-08smc] / [NS 05-08]

The likelihood function for
θ [NS 05-09]

Likelihood surfaces for the migration rate parameter M
[NS 05-10]

Distribution of Chimpanzee subspecies (Pan troglodytes) [NS 05-11]

A Star Phylogeny
[NS 05-12]

Site Frequency Spectrum of African Americans for 5,982 SNPs [NS 05-13]

Joint Site Frequency Spectrum for a Tibetan and a Han Chinese population [NS 05-14]

Admixture of 1,056 individuals from 52 populations for 377 microsatellite loci
[NS 05-15]

Principal Components Analysis (PCA) of 3,000 Europeans for 500,000 SNPs @
[NS 05-16]

Simulating Coalescence Trees [NS 05-Box1]

UPGMA method of tree construction
[NS 05-Box2]

of a coalescence tree
[NS 05-Ex1,2]

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