Postdoctoral Fellow

Name Area of Research Location Phone
Sean Boyle Disentangling the Effects of Local and Regional Factors that Promote Occupancy and Abundance of Moose SN-1003 709-864-6766
Zhenlong Cheng Research activities: Manipulation of Streptomyces for producing bioactive specialized metabolites for industrial applications SN-1006 709-864-7518
Rafael Estevan Sabioni Examining the olfactory and gustatory respoinses of goldfish (Carassius auratus to different amino acids and assessing diet-induced changes in gene expression of appetite regulation hormones in the brain SN-3010 709-864-6130
Julie Turner Testing the effects of hydropower transmission line rights-of-way on wildlife movements SN-1000 709-864-6766
Joost Verhoeven Develop analytical and bioinformatics tools to investigate and compare microbiomes in enviromental samples, analyze microbial communities in seawater and sediment samples collected as part of OFI Module E activities SN-2088 709-864-7808