Honorary Research Professors

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Luise Hermanutz

Shrub-permafrost interactions in tundra ecosystems – with Parks Canada in the Torngat Mountain NP and Nunatsiavut Government with colleagues Drs. Robert Way (Queens U) and Andrew Trant (U Waterloo).

Climate change, disturbance and northern forests – with Drs. Carissa Brown (Memorial U), Robert Way (Queens U) and Toni Lewkowicz (U Ottawa) with funding from POLAR to understand how fire affects permafrost and tree regeneration in coastal Labrador.

Impacts of moose on forest regeneration across eastern Canada National Parks - with Drs. Shawn Leroux (Memorial U), Jean-Pierre Trembly (Laval U) and Parks Canada.

Conservation and Restoration of Species at Risk in the Limestone Barrens in Newfoundland - – with NL Dept. of Lands, Fisheries and Natural Resources, Parks Canada and Habitat

Off campus  
David Innes

Population genomics of hybridizing mussels in Atlantic Canada. A collection of DNA samples for Mytilus edulis, M. Trossulus and hybrids are being sequenced using ddRADseq. The genetic data will be analyzed to quantify how levels of introgression and reproductive isolation vary geographically from the southern to the northern limit of thee hybrid zone.

Off campus  
John Green

Behavior and ecology of marine and freshwater fishes. Currently conducting research on Gilbert Bay, Labrador golden cod, tide pool fishes on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and inshore benthic fishes in northern Hudson Bay.

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