Eastern NL Science & Technology Fair

The Department of Biology of Memorial Univeristy awards 3 Prizes each year at the Eastern NL Science & Technology Fair. Members of the department play an active role in this yearly event that brings together over 300 of the best and brightest Grade 7 to 12 Science students of Eastern Newfoundland.

To qualify for the fair, students will have already proven their skill in their school science fair. For more information on the School Fair check out Eastern NL Science & Technology Fair.

The following Biology Awards that are handed out each year are as follows:

  1. Junior category ($100 cash)
  2. Intermediate category ($125 cash)
  3. Senior category ($150 cash)

2019 Award winners for the Biology Prizes

Junior Winner
"Which Light Is Right?"
Student: Joshua St. George
School: Crescent Collegiate
Biology Science Fair Junior Award 2019 
Intermediate Winner
"Fish Farming - Swimming in Controversy"
Students: Nicholas Edwards
School: Waterford Valley High School
 Science Fair Biology Award 2019
Senior Winner
"Testing of Home Remedies Against Wireworms in Backyard Gardens"
Students: Samantha Keats
School: Holy Spirit High School
 Science Fair 2019 Biology Awards