Assessing our Province's Environmental Future

Join students and faculty of Memorial University in an assessment of how Newfoundland and Labrador is addressing current environmental conservation concerns within our Terrestrial and Marine Biomes. In our Conservation iBiology and Geography course, we put our province into a provincial, national and international context comparing and contrasting what we do well with what we need to do better on topics including Ecotourism, Pollution and Contamination, Aquaculture, Endangered Species Legislation, Terrestrial and Marine Protected Areas, conservation Outside Protected Areas, Invasive Species, Restoration and the role of Indigenous People in conservation. How well are we doing? Please click here.


Photo: Conservation Biology I – Class of 2013 (Back row: T. Pollett, R. Rogers, D. Windeler, C. Dunn, P. Greene, S. Gillard, C. Morris, S. Bennett, A. Fudge, F. Tulk and N. Hutchcraft. Middle row: S. Wade, A. Mason, R. Knight, E. Carrigan and J. McCarthy. Front row: A. Billard, R. Matthews and A. Quirke (Absent from photo C. Grandy,  Dr. L. Hermanutz, Dr. S. Leroux , and C. Copp, (TA)).