Biochem and (Nutrition) Honours Fall2022

Information for Biochemistry and Biochemistry (Nutrition) Honours Project Selection for Fall2022

This year, as part of our curriculum modernization, we are changing the way that we are managing the honours programme. This was announced and discussed at the honours mixer last semester for those who were in attendance at that. Basically, all faculty members will now be required to participate in the honours programme. As part of that, but to also allow students to be more informed, we are circulating the attached document which identifies faculty members research areas, and what type of honours thesis they are willing to supervise. What we need from each student who is intending to do an honours thesis is a ranked listing of their preferred thesis topic (and style) – first, second, and third choice. We appreciate many of you may have an established relationship with a faculty member from summer research projects or MUCEPs. If you have such and wish to continue with that research please also indicate that as part of your ranking. We need this information by 5pm Friday March 25th. This will give you time to chat to any supervisors whose projects sound of interest, so you can make an informed selection.


What will then happen is a department committee will go through the submissions and assign each person to a supervisor, maximizing the number of first choices and taking into account factors such as previous summer research positions. The assignments will then be circulated at the start of April. This will allow time for you to further consult with your assigned supervisor before the summer break, so everyone knows exactly who is doing what with whom. This will allow everyone to prepare better for September.


Selections must be sent to by 5pm on Friday March 25th.

Biochemistry Faculty Members Research Areas

Types of Honours Projects for Fall 2022