Supplemental Exam FAQs

Can I write a supplemental final exam in any Biochemistry course?

From Fall 2015 on, Biochemistry course instructors will determine whether to offer supplemental exams in their courses. You should check your course outline at the start of the semester to see if one will be available in your course.The regulations for writing supplemental exams are published in the University Calendar.


Who is eligible to write a supplemental exam?

Students who obtain a final grade of 45, 46, 47, 48, or 49 are eligible to write a supplemental exam provided that they have a passing grade on their term-mark. In practice this means that you must have a passing mark on your midterm(s) and assignment(s)


Will I be told if I am eligible?


We will not contact you if you are eligible. It is your responsibility to check your final grade once grades are released. If you have a final grade of 45, 46, 47, 48, or 49, then you should contact us to see if you are eligible and you should decide if you wish to apply to write the supplemental exam


How do I apply to write a supplemental final exam?

You must pay a $50 fee at the Cashier's Office and then bring the receipt to the Department General Office (SN4006) where you will complete a form requesting the supplemental exam. You can also download the form Biochemistry supplementary application.

You will not be permitted to write the exam unless there is proof that the fee has been paid.

IMPORTANT: You must apply for the exam within one week of the release of grades. At the Christmas/New Year break when the Office is closed you should check the department website for the last date for application. This information is also usually posted on the Office door.


When will the supplemental final exam be held?

The supplemental exam is usually scheduled before or during the first week of classes of the following semester.

Supplemental exams for FALL semester courses are typically scheduled during the first week of classes in the Winter semester. NOTE that some instructors may schedule their exams before the start of classes and you may have to return to St. John's early to write the exam.

Supplemental exams for WINTER semester courses are typically held in the last week of April or first week of May and nearly always before the start of spring semester classes.


Is the format of supplemental exams the same as the original exam?

Supplemental exams will be similar in length and in difficulty to the original exams. However, the format will not necessarily be the same as that of the original exam. You will need to check with your course instructor to determine the format of a particular exam.