Dietetics Information


Important Notice: Given the following conditions for COVID 19, all forms of the application should be submitted electronically to the Coordinator of Dietetics using the contact email of and a subject title of " Diet Application". 

UPDATE (25 March 2021) Applications are now being accepted for the 2021 competition.

Students are advised that the following courses must be completed while at Memorial:

  • Biology 1001
  • Chemistry 1050, Chemistry 1051 (0r Chemistry 1010,1050)* (or Chemistry 1200, 1001) * You need to be eligible for Chemistry 2400 in Fall of second year so you will need to complete Chemistry 1051 before Fall of second year.
  • Chemistry 2400
  • English 1090 and one of English 1110,1191,1192,1193 or ( English 1000,1001)
  • Mathematics 1090 and Mathematics 1000 (or Mathematics 1000 and one Elective)
  • Pharmacy 2002, Pharmacy 2003, and Pharmacy 2004  or Biochemistry 2201(new)
  • Psychology 1000, Psychology 1001
  • Statistics 2500, Statistics 2501
  • Two Arts Electives


  • THREE distance courses through OPEN ACADIA:
    • Nutrition 2323: Food and People
    • Nutrition 1313: Human Nutrition 1
    • Nutrition 1323: Human Nutrition 2
    (Note: NUTR 2323 and NUTR 1313 do not have pre-requisites. However, NUTR 1313 is a pre-requisite for NUTR 1323)

Following is the link for students to apply directly for the Open Acadia courses:

Here is a suggested schedulefor completing the required courses at Memorial as well as (i) some information of the probable schedule at Acadia; and (ii) a schedule on completing the major in Biochemistry(Nutrition) should you not be acccepted into the dietetics program.

Please note the following:

  • Only the ten students who are admitted to the program will be eligible to take the three Pharmacy courses.
  • You must obtain a minimum 60% grade  in the 17 Memorial courses and you must obtain a minimum 70%(B-) grade in each of the three Open Acadia courses in order to be able to continue on to third year at Acadia.
  • The Acadia program requires that students complete a minor in order to graduate with the degree. Completion of three Chemistry courses plus Pharmacy 2004(or Biochemistry 2201) with a grade of 60% or higher will satisfy this requirement and will lead to a minor in Chemistry.
  • The following are the subjects offered by the Faculty of Arts at Acadia: Art, Classics, Comparative Religion, Economics, English, Environment and Sustainability Studies, French, German, Greek, History, Latin, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Spanish, Theatre Studies. Courses in these subject areas are acceptable as Arts electives.
  • The following are NOT ACCEPTABLE as Arts electives: Computer Science, Mathematics, Psychology
  • Other subject areas offered by Faculities of Arts at Memorial University's campuses other than those listed above may be acceptable as Arts electives. It is recommended that students check on subject area eligibility in these cases.
  • A dietetics internship will be required before you will be able to be licensed to practice as a dietitian. In general, there is a 60-65% success rate in obtaining internship placements.
  • In order to be eligible to apply for the internship placements that are administered by the Acadia Dietetic Internship Program, students must obtain a grade of at least B- in each of NUTR 1323, NUTR 1343,  NUTR2013 and NUTR 2023 taken at Acadia.

Questions about the Memorial University component of this program should be directed to the Dietetics Coordinator, (709) 864-2645 or by email to

Questions about the Acadia University component of this program should be directed to Lynn Coleman, Nutrition and Dietetics, Acadia University, PO Box 68, 12 University Avenue, Wolfville, NS B4P 2R6, (902) 585-1366 or email to