Dr. Helene Volkoff - January 28, 2019

From Piranha to Goldfish: The Endocrine Regulation of Feeding in Selected Freshwater Teleost Fish

In fish, food intake is ultimately regulated by feeding centers of the brain, which receive and processinformation from endocrine signals from both brain and peripheral tissues such as the gastrointestinal tract. These endocrine signals interact with each other and with neurotransmitters and induce (orexigenic)or inhibit (anorexigenic) food intake. Feeding is also largely influenced by intrinsic factors such as energy store levels and reproductive stage, as well as by environmental cues such as temperature, pH and light. The diversity of fish, in particular with regard to feeding habits, digestive tract anatomy and physiology, suggests the existence of species-specific regulating mechanisms. This review provides an overview of hormones known to regulate food intake in selected freshwater teleost fish, and how feeding habits, fasting, exercise and environmental changes affect these endocrine networks.

Acknowledgements: Supported by a NSERC Discovery Grant.



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