Shrushti Shah - March 5

Short chain fatty acids alter lipidomic profile and have sex-specific effects on lipid metabolism of Long Evans rats

Fermentation of fibers by colonic microbiota generates acetate, propionate and butyrate; the main short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). These gut-derived metabolites have gained much interest in the recent years due to their beneficial effects in health. However, it not completely known how SCFAs regulate lipid metabolism, and whether there are sex-specific effects of SCFAs. We investigated the effects of SCFAs on plasma and liver lipids in both male and female Long Evans rats. Furthermore, the effects of SCFAs on the lipidomic profile were studied. Our findings have shown that SCFAs improved lipid profile; however, the effects were sex-specific. Furthermore, SCFAs caused alterations in specific lipid classes and fatty acids that may play an important role in regulating metabolic pathways.



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