Wonyoung Oh - November 21

Lipophilized resveratrol esters: structure elucidation and antioxidant activity determination

Resveratrol, a phenolic compound found in grapes and red wine as well as other food sources, is of much interest due to its ability to prevent oxidative stress and various non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular ailments and cancer. However, its use in lipophilic systems has been a challenge due to its hydrophilic nature. In this work, resveratrol was lipophilized to expand its application and effects in a wider range of systems. This goal was achieved by esterification of resveratrol using different chain lengths fatty acids (propionic acid to docosahexaenoic acid). Crude products so obtained were chromatographically separated and their structures confirmed by HPLC-MS and NMR. The detailed process of identification will be discussed. The prepared esters were subsequently evaluated for their antioxidant activities using in vitro methods including food and biological systems such as DPPH radical scavenging ability, ABTS radical cation scavenging assay, hydrogen peroxide scavenging ability, and inhibition of LDL oxidation, details of which will also be presented.



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