Brian E. Staveley - October 11

Understanding life and death: Drosophila models of degeneration

“Life or death?” may be the single most important question of all. Therefore the mechanisms that drive the decisions between these two fates may be the most important of all. Our laboratory is committed to the understanding of the biological basis of death and survival at the cellular, tissue and organismal level. With the exploitation of one of the most successful model organism systems, we model aspects of degenerative diseases in Drosophila melanogaster. Once established, we work towards approaches to prevent, counteract or suppress cell death and tissue degeneration using the state-of-the-art research tools available in Drosophila research.

Recent advances from the Staveley lab in the modeling aspects of neurodevelopmental (Down Syndrome) and neurodegenerative (Parkinson disease, Huntington disease) as well as other degenerative conditions (muscle loss and starvation) in Drosophila will be presented.



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