Bimal Tennakoon - October 26, 2011

Di-peptide transport in the neonatal intestine

Amino acids and small oligopeptides (di- and tri-peptides) are the breakdown product of dietary protein. Transepithelial transport of these di- and tri-peptides occurs by either PepT1 mediated transcellular pathway or via passive paracellular movement. In my research I have investigated the proportion of peptide transport that occurs via the PepT1 transporter compared to paracellular movement.

Even though free amino acids and small peptides are the end product of dietary protein digestion, little is known about the cellular-level interaction between free amino acids and peptide uptake into enterocytes. In my second study I have investigated the effects of PepT1-mediated uptake of di-peptides on free amino acid absorption.



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