Field School 2011: Sailor South (DeAj-05) Dorset Paleoeskimo site

This year's field school will provide five weeks of field work for students. Excavations will take place at the Beaches (DeAk-01) and Sailor South (DeAj-05) sites. Our primary goal is the multi-component Beaches which appears to be 90% smaller than its original area, largely due to erosion. 2011's students will excavate part of the 150 metre-long eroding bank forming the site's south border. Recent Indian and/or Paleoeskimo cultural material, hopefully including evidence for features, is expected to be found in this part of the bank. Burnside Heritage Foundation Inc. workers will build a wooden retaining wall in front of the straightened bank following the excavation and profiling the bank.

Sailor South (DeAj-05), a Dorset Paleoeskimo located in the community of Salvage, will be excavated on days when high winds forbid travelling by boat to the Beaches.


Director: Laurie McLean

(Photo courtesy of field school participant Ben Slade).