MUNArch Executive 2018

MUNArch (Memorial University of Newfoundland Archaeology Society) provides students with opportunities to volunteer and get involved with Memorial's Archaeology Department. As well, MUNArch organizes various social events, offers society clothing, and represents archaeology students within the department.

MUNArch Executive

President: Molly Ingenmey
Vice President: Jordan Hollahan
Treasurer: Jared Hogan
Volunteer Coordinator: Sarah Roberts
Events Coordinator: Jesse Hogan
Secretary: Liam Andrews
Archaeology Representative: Julieanne George
Community Outreach Coordinator - External Communities: Megan Mackinnon
Community Outreach Coordinator - Internal Communities: Alexandra Ward

Social Media: MUNArch (Memorial University of Newfoundland Archaeology Society) & MUNArch
Twitter: @MUNArchaeology
Instagram: @MUNArchaeology

Buried text journal logo
Buried Text: Publications in History and Archaeology

Buried Text: Publications in History and Archaeology was established in 2017 through the support of the Queen Elizabeth II Library and Department of Archaeology at Memorial University. This journal was created with a dedicated purpose of providing a space for undergraduate works on historical and archaeological matters to be exposed to broader audiences.

The mission of Buried Text is to provide history and archaeology students at Memorial University an outlet where they will be able to publish their works and familiarise themselves with the peer-review process. Submissions are currently being reviewed, and Buried Text will be publishing its first edition in April of 2018.


Journal Co-Manager & Social Media Manager: Jared Hogan
Journal Co-Manager: Molly Ingenmey
Senior Editor & Policy Writer: Ashley Sheppard
Senior Archaeology Editor: Jordan Hollahan
Senior Archaeology/History Editor: Juliet Lanphear
Senior History Editor: Brianna Cranford
Junior Archaeology Editor: Andrew Kenney
Logo Design: Jasper Pritchard

Contact details

Twitter: @BuriedText
Facebook: Buried Text: Publications in History and Archaeology