Annique Jones-Doyle

Previous Education

B.A. (Cultural Anthropology), Concordia University, 2007
D.E.C. in Fine Arts, Dawson College, Montreal, 2000


Dr. Barry Gaulton


Historical archaeology, identity, material culture, sensory
archaeology and theories of embodiment, archaeology of African-American slavery.

Research Statement

Excavations at the Champs Paya fishing room (EfAx-09) on Newfoundland's Historical French Shore have revealed many insights about the seasonal, shore-based, dry-salt-cod fishery in the New World. Over the course of five years of excavation, under the direction and supervision of Dr. Peter Pope, the larger project, An Archaeoloy of the Petit Nord, has exposed the Champs Paya as a rich source of early maritime material culture, with over 20,000 artefacts recovered and researched by Dr. Pope's past and present students.

The personal consumer goods recovered from this site have not, as yet, been thoroughly documented and analysed. These include buttons, buckles, shoes, cuff-links, smoking pipes, cutlery, religious devotional items, coins, and bottle glass. For my M.A. thesis, I intend to shed some light on how this eclectic assemblage may have assisted in reinforcing individual and community identity for the Champ Paya's seasonal occupants in the context of the fishing stage as a seasonal consumption site.





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