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Let’s talk about saving.

You need insurance, so why not take advantage of the exclusive rates that being a Memorial University alumni offers? Whether you’re in the market for home, auto or travel insurance our affinity-partner, Johnson Insurance, offers solutions designed exclusively for Memorial University alumni. Look after the things that matter most with the right insurance. Look after the bottom line by enjoying the advantages of group rates.

Home + Auto

Started in Newfoundland and Labrador, but now spread all across Canada, Johnson Insurance is a large provider with a hometown feel. They’ll make sure that you get the coverage you need at a great price, with a friendly, personal touch. Johnson Insurance goes above and beyond to bring you the best insurance at the best value.

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Travel Insurance

Make travelling simple with one annual insurance plan: MEDOC® Travel Insurance. So even for those last-minute getaways, you’ll already have one thing packed and ready to go.

The more you invest in a trip, the more important insurance becomes. With MEDOC® Travel Insurance, you have peace of mind if your trip takes a little detour. Consider it a safety blanket, knowing that you have someone with experience looking after you, even in situations you may not have planned for. So, in the event of flight delays or lost baggage—it’s nice to know that you’re in good hands, especially abroad.

Memorial University alumni can access group rates on Medoc® Travel Insurance. Contact our affinity partner, Johnson Insurance, for more information.